Locks of Love

Posted at: 12/03/2013 9:08 PM
Updated at: 12/03/2013 9:35 PM
By: J.P. Murrieta, KOB Eyewitness Sports 4

I’ve been asked by a lot of Lobo fans, “What’s the deal with Hugh Greenwood’s long hair and his shoestring headband?"  There’s a story behind his fashion statement.

Greenwood refuses to cut his hair for a year, but he has a good reason.

Greenwood’s mother is going on four years of remission from breast cancer.  The Lobo point guard wears a headband to keep his long, golden locks out of his eyes.  He is growing his hair out for a year and plans to cut it off at the Lobo Howl next year to donate for a wig for cancer patients.  Greenwood also has a pink ribbon tattoo on his right wrist as a reminder of what his mother went through.

Hugh, I applaud your gesture and I'm sure your mother is proud.