Poison ivy: Don't get burned

Posted at: 12/13/2013 9:08 AM
By: Britney Glaser, KPLC

MOSS BLUFF, La. -- When Todd Taylor moved into a new home in Moss Bluff, Louisiana the first step was to clear out some of the old brush.  

"We started raking up pine straw and we threw the pine straw onto the pile.  We started trimming trees," he said.

Then the pile was set on fire.  Todd kept an eye on it, inadvertently breathing in the smoke.

The next day Todd's eyelids turned blood red.  Then his health took a nose dive.  

"I start throwing up, I have chills, I'm running fever," he said.

Todd thought it might be a temporary virus, until his skin broke out.  All over his body, painful, itchy rashes started popping up.

"I know this is poison ivy.  I've been down this road before, but my eyes were still kind of reddish," he said.

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