Prison busts drug smuggling operation by cracking code in phone call

Posted at: 01/09/2014 11:31 AM
By: Elizabeth Reed,

A phone call between an inmate and his mother led authorities to bust a suspected drug smuggling operation at the prison in Los Lunas.

According to the Corrections Department, Kathyrn Lopez tried to smuggle drugs in the mail to her boyfriend, inmate Ricardo Sisneros. Authorities discovered the operation after hearing code words used in a phone call between Sisneros and his mother.

Mother: "I started writing you a letter. I got to finish because, well, Rob--Rob's friend wanted to write to you too, you know. She's a stripper. You know what I mean?"
Sisneros: "Yeah."
Mother: "And so I'm trying to. And so I'm trying to. I wrote you a letter and then she wrote a little bit in there, so I'm trying to finish it."

Investigators say the word "stripper" is a common code name for Suboxone strips, which are used to treat opioid addiction.

Guards found the drugs hidden in letters delivered in June.

Another woman, Alexandra Saavedrea is accused of supplying Lopez with the drugs.