3 indicted for 'injectable tanning' business

Posted at: 01/16/2014 8:03 AM
By: Nancy Amons, WSMV

Photo: WSMV

(WSMV) -- Three Tennessee residents have been indicted for selling a controversial product that involves injecting a solution into customers who want to look tan.

Federal prosecutors say the owners of Melanocorp sold the product even after they were told to stop.

The product was never approved by the FDA, and federal prosecutors say the company made false claims about the product.

An archive of the company's now-removed website shows photographs of people with deep, rich tans. The product, the company claimed, was 100 percent American made.

But the federal lawsuit alleges that the materials were, in fact, imported from China, and that Chinese exporters sold the product for research only - not for consumption by humans.

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