Friend of Roswell shooting victims speaks out

Posted at: 01/16/2014 10:50 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

They are three best friends, always together.

Berrendo 7th grader Kristina Casaus, Nathaniel Tavarez and Kendal Sanders are very close. On Thursday, Kristina contacted KOB Eyewitness News 4 reporter Caleb James.

She says she wants everyone in New Mexico to know the two victims of Tuesday's shooting as well as she does.

Kristina says it doesn't surprise her Kendal and Nathaniel were standing in the gym together.

She probably would have been standing right next to them on Tuesday, but she was sick and didn't go to school.

"He loves everyone," said Kristina, about her good friend Nathaniel Tavarez.

In a single moment, Kristina's life changed forever.

"I've known her since I was three," she said about Kendal Sanders.

Nathaniel once wrote Kristina a love letter.

"He likes everything about me," she says "I make him laugh. He would ask about my family."

And Kendal, Kristina says, rarely left her side.

"I don't know why she got shot," says Kristina.

Kristina text messaged KOB reporter Caleb James to ask if she could talk about her two best friends Nathaniel and Kendal.

They are the three amigos at Berrendo Middle School, but Kristina says things aren't always easy at school for Nathaniel.

Kids pick on him sometimes she says, because he's always happy and loud, but Kristina says he always does the same thing.

Something she admires.

"Like when people call him names, he just ignores it and goes on," she said.

Even now, says Kristina, Nathaniel won't back down.

He's still going on.

"He just keeps on fighting for his life," she said.

That fight, she says, has brought him this far. She prays every night it will bring him back where he belongs.

"Just that he can make it home, and be at school with us," she said. "And he doesn't have to go through all the surgeries and stuff."

Kristina spoke to the Sanders family early Thursday, and got an update on her condition.

They told her Kendal may need more surgery, she has some nerve damage in her arm.