Family of 13-year-old injured in Roswell shooting talks about ordeal

Posted at: 01/20/2014 10:35 PM
By: Danielle Todesco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A 13-year-old girl shot at her middle school gym in Roswell is back at home with her family.

Kendal Sanders had been in a Lubbock hospital for nearly a week.

Monday, her family came forward to speak about her ordeal, protecting Kendal from having to go before the cameras.

It was an emotional day from the start for Kendal's father, Bert.

He stood with Kendal's mother Nicki behind him and answered questions about his strong little girl.

Her mother says Kendal had two surgeries to repair internal injuries from being shot in the arm and chest.

Her father described what Kendal told him about the moments just after the shooting.

He says Kendal hadn't even realized she had been shot until she walked to a classroom at the school, where a teacher, Ms. Featherstone, called 911.

Kendal's mother thanked that teacher for staying calm to get Kendal help.

Bert says he was in Artesia when he got the news.

The hours it took to get to the Lubbock hospital, not knowing how hurt Kendal was, were torture.

The family holds no ill will for suspected shooter Mason Campbell.

Bert says Kendal is friends with Mason.

Kendal's mother asked for prayers for all the kids involved.

But, Bert says it opened his eyes; that parents need to listen to their kids and everyone needs to report anything they hear, to prevent a tragedy like this.

The family says Kendal will be homeschooled for the rest of this year.

She's not afraid to go back, but even a small bump on the arm in the hallways could really add to her injuries.

She will return to school next year.