Ryan Luby

Posted at: 01/31/2014 7:17 AM
Updated at: 07/28/2016 9:22 AM

Just the Facts: Ryan Luby

• Position: Investigative Reporter
• Year Hired at KOB Eyewitness News 4: 2013 • Email address: rluby@kob.com
• Twitter: @RyanSLuby
• First TV Appearance: In the 6th grade, in Cleveland, when I wanted to be a meteorologist. A neighbor of ours was a local station's national sales manager. He invited me to the station one day after my parents told him I watched the morning newscasts every day.
• Other TV jobs/markets/stations: Investigative reporter, KETV in Omaha; Reporter, KCCI in Des Moines; Reporter/live truck operator, KOMU in Columbia, Mo.
• Favorite News Story: A retired doctor in Atlantic, Iowa who's offered free medical care for the last 10+ years. He uses a shoebox to collect donations from people who can afford to give. He runs his entire business off of donations.
• Most Memorable Interview: The wife of a Brazilian national who agreed to do an on-camera interview to discuss the day she turned him in for murdering an entire family. • First Reporting Story: Fireworks safety
• Role Model/Most Admired: Peter Jennings. The man was so knowledgeable of just about everything.
• Why I'm A Journalist: This sounds cliché, but I work to expose public corruption and give voice to those who need it. I also value quality storytelling – good photography, good writing, good 'moments.'
• Favorite thing about New Mexico: the food, obviously. But also the views. The sunsets in this state are incredible.
• Hidden Talent: I can imitate people's voices fairly well.
• Favorite TV Show: Law and Order: SVU
• Alma Mater: University of Missouri-Columbia
• Hometown: Chagrin Falls, Ohio (near Cleveland)
• Favorite animal(s): Cats. Yes, I love cats. Meow?
• Hobbies: Tennis, Cooking
• Favorite Food: Anything spicy that has great flavor. Too much spice often obliterates good flavor.
• Favorite Sports Team: College football: Missouri Tigers. MLB: St. Louis Cardinals (NL), Cleveland Indians (AL)
• Favorite Author: David Baldacci
• Favorite Destination: Costa Rica
• One thing my co-workers don’t know about me is… Why would I say? There's no sense in ruining a surprise.