Man signs up for health insurance after 3,000 tries

Posted at: 02/04/2014 1:55 PM
By: Monica Robins, WKYC

Photo: WKYC

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKYC) -- Lew Garrett is a self-employed independent contractor who needed health insurance. His previous plan was being canceled like millions of others.

So when the site opened in October, he was one of the millions of people who logged on. He tried all hours of the night and day with no success. He then started keeping a log of his attempts -- how many times a day he tried and if he actually spoke to someone.

Then he thought the problem might be his computer. So he tried others, nearly a dozen in all.

Finally, on December 17, he had success, but it certainly wasn't easy.

"It was 3,118 attempts. I had spoken to 49 people and only three of which I would trust with my order at the Mcdonald's drive-through," Lew says.

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