State lawmakers look to protect consumers from credit card fraud

Posted at: 02/04/2014 6:43 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A bill aimed at protecting New Mexico consumers from credit card fiascos like the one at Target late last year is getting its first committee hearing at the State Capitol Tuesday night.

Earlier in the day Target's Chief Financial Officer testified before a U.S. Senate committee in Washington D.C. about the credit card and data theft that affected about 110,000,000 Target customers, including many thousands of New Mexicans. Our state is one of only four that does not require companies to protect credit card information or notify customers when there's been a breach. Republican Rep. Bill Rehm of Albuquerque wants to change that.

"Sen. Bill O'Neill and I were working on this before the Target breach," Rehm said. "Since the Target breach has occurred and other ones have occurred now it has really shined a light. We have to have this for the state."

"Given the timeliness of this issue, given what happened at Target for example, it's on people's minds," Democrat O'Neill said. "I'm quietly hopeful about this."

The New Mexico legislation is modeled on laws already on the books in other states.  If it passes companies would be required to notify not only customers, but the state's Attorney General as well.