Woman threatens to use taser on robber, gets items back

Posted at: 02/06/2014 5:27 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A teenage rip-off artist got more than he bargained for Thursday morning when he picked on a mom he shouldn't have messed with.

Lily Sarmiento was dropping off her one year old baby daughter bright and early at the All Seasons day care center on Zuni at San Pablo when she made a couple of mistakes. Number one – she left her car running and the keys in the ignition. Two – she left her purse on the console with her wallet and her cell phone inside. Three – the passenger door was unlocked.

“I saw this teenage kid, a kind of tall boy walk by the cars in the parking lot,” Lily told us. “He was 15, maybe 16 years old.”

Lily took her baby inside the day care center, then returned to her car.

“I saw my passenger side door was open and I wondered why it was open,” Lily said. “And I checked in my purse right away and I noticed my wallet was gone and I said someone took my stuff!”

Lily asked a day care worker to call the police, then decided to do some scouting on her own. She drove the streets of the neighborhood south of Zuni.

“Well, he should be walking to school or something, so I’ll see if I can find him” Lily said. “I got back in my car and I left to go see if I could find him. I drove and drove and then I saw him walking along so I pulled over and parked my car next to him and I told him give back my stuff and he looked at me like – what? – and I said give me my stuff. I was like, I have a taser!”

Lily said she pulled out a taser her husband had given her about a year ago and sparked it but did not fire it at the boy.

“I was like, I need my stuff back and he was just like, oh no, please don’t tase me. I’ll give you your stuff back and he got out of his pockets my wallet and my cell phone.”

Lily said she left the kid go, hoping his experience with her and the taser would scare him away from a life of crime. Next time, she said, she might just let the police handle it.