San Juan College hosts annual free dental clinic

Posted at: 02/07/2014 8:45 PM
By: Devin Neeley, KOB Eyewitness News 4

For most, the sound of a dentist's drill isn’t a good sound, but to parents like Angela Bouren, it's the sound of good dental health for her son, all for free. 

She brought 6-year-old Elijah for some work today.

“We had heard he had a couple of cavities,” she said, “but we had never gotten them checked out of because of the cost.”

She wants her kids to have a nice smile.

“We don't have such great teeth, me and my husband, so we want to make sure the kids do,” Said Bouren.

That makes this free dental work so much more important. And Bouren isn’t the only parent saying thanks.

“Mostly it’s just gratitude, they are thankful that dentists are willing and a lot are surprised that dentists are willing to come and give of their time and efforts for an event like this,” according to Dr. Gene Hilton, organizer of the event.

The dental hygienist training program at San Juan College plays host to about 50 children one day a year for fillings, cleanings and even orthodontics.

Hilton said, “Depending on the year, we are between $30-40,000 of donated service during this one day.”

Each doctor, hygienist, assistant and student volunteers their time.

Dr Candice Clark took the day off from her practice today, “we get just as much of a reward as a dentist as the patient.”

And parents appreciate it.

Bouren said, “It’s nice to see that people are  willing to offer that to people.”