ABQ BioPark explains feeding of carcasses to animals

Posted at: 02/17/2014 6:34 PM
By: Jen Samp, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Crowds of zoo fanatics line-up, but there were some unexpected attractions.

Over the weekend a concerned mom snapped a photo of a severed goat head.

The viewer who took the photo says many children and even their parents were squeamish at the sight of carcasses.

But Lynn Tupa, the zoo manager says fear not. The carnivores such as the hyenas and scavengers like vultures get fresh carcasses like goat, cows and lambs donated from a local farm three times a year to keep the animals instincts alive.

“We will put signs up that we are feeding our carcasses to our animals, which doesn’t happen often very often,” Tupa said.

Landon's mother is one of several parents who say their children maybe too young to learn about the graphic side of nature.

“I don't know if I want to necessarily come to the zoo and see that happening but I don’t think I would leave just because I saw it,” said Jacquelyne Guinn. “We’re a hunting family so we are used to it.”

She says the zoo shouldn't hide the process.

The zoo already has signs out in the reptile area warning visitors about graphic feeding.

They plan on having the same signs in front in front the viewing area of all the carnivores.