Santa Fe furniture factory destroyed by fire

Posted at: 02/21/2014 6:33 PM
By: Joseph Lynch, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A longtime furniture maker and wood restorer in Santa Fe is sifting through the ashes and debris that used to be his furniture factory.

An overnight fire destroyed the place and the antique furniture inside. The fire had neighbors on edge all through the night and into the morning.

The fire ignited at the Hands of America furniture maker on Rodeo Drive just before 10 Thursday night. It had flames shooting as high as 30 to 40 feet, according to neighbor Mike Boule. There were some really tense moments for anyone close to the huge fire, according to Boule.

"You could see the explosion; the pinon trees have a lot of sap. And when the sap catches it looked like little explosions," Boule said.

Boule says those explosions went on for hours. Firefighters and neighbors were extremely grateful the fire didn't happen Wednesday night when the area was seeing wind gusts around 60 miles per hour.

"I think that helped the firefighters keep the fire located in a smaller area. We were grateful for that because the embers could have easily caught the grass on fire that's behind my property," Boule said.

Firefighters say the 4,000 square foot warehouse in the back of the property was especially hard to get to. Piles of debris and pinon trees made it almost impossible for the nearly 30 firefighters to get to the fire to get water on the flames. So it made for a very long night and morning for Boule.

"Once we finally got calmed down and realized it was under control we finally went to sleep. It was an exciting evening to say the least," Boule said.

Santa Fe firefighters were out on the scene for 15 hours putting out the flames and mopping up. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.