Juggler accused of pedophilia thought to be overseas

Posted at: 02/24/2014 10:30 PM
By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4

There's something innocent about how children view the circus.

For a moment in time, a child can lose himself in the dazzle and wonder of the big top.

The FBI says Neil Stammer knew that kids love a circus act, and used it to prey on children.

Stammer is a professional juggler and has been on the run for 14 years.

FBI agent Rus Wilson is on the Stammer case. Agent Wilson says Stammer fits the profile of a pedophile.

Stammer's juggling and tricks with the devil sticks are enough to get the attention of any child.

Agent Wilson says between 1997 and 1999, several children came forward claiming Stammer had raped them.

The children visited Stammer in the magic shop where he worked that once stood near Central and Richmond in Nob Hill.

APD questioned Stammer, even arrested him, but then in 2000 he pulled off the ultimate disappearing act.

"He tells his friends that the criminal charges were dismissed, I'm taking a long vacation and having a good time," Agent Wilson said.

Agents believe he may be in Europe -- specifically in Iceland, Germany, or the Netherlands -- and he is likely using an alias.

The FBI hopes this message reaches our military or business communities who travel to Europe often.

There is no expiration date for Neil Stammer's warrant here in New Mexico.