New 'Candy Lady' building tenant could cause sticky situation

Posted at: 03/03/2014 10:32 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A sticky situation may be leading to a sugar showdown in Old Town.

The Albuquerque-famous Candy Lady was evicted from her building on Rio Grande and Romero for not paying her rent.

Now a new candy store plans to move into the building.

Candy Lady Debbie Ball packed up on Saturday.

Now she's setting up shop just a few blocks away, but on Monday night KOB Eyewitness News 4 confirms the new soon-to-be tenant in her old building has a sweet tooth too.

Here in the wild west, it's every Candy Lady for herself.

"I'm having a ball," said Ball.

Our cameras caught ball in the act in broad daylight, making a candy deal with some customers on the mean streets of Old Town.

"Everybody's going to say, 'Oh, the Candy Lady's so desperate she has to do stuff on the side of the road.'" said Ball.

Ball joked as she hustled the streets today, selling her famous Blue Meth candy out of the back of her SUV.

"I think it's pretty convenient, my dad just called her and said 'I'm interested in buying your meth,'" said customer Sidney Strange.

Strange came all the way from Virginia just to get a taste, but she hadn't heard about the Candy Lady's woes.

"We were evicted from our old location," Ball told Strange in between selling bags of candy.

KOB confirms someone else is moving in to that old shop, and it's another candy store.

Old Town business owner Eileen White owns the War Path galleries and shops, and Pikes Peak Chocolate Company in Old Town.

She tells us she'll move into the old Candy Lady space to open a store she'll call the Old Town Candy and Sweet Shop.

"If she feels like she can ride on my coattails and make that location work for her, that's all well and good," said Ball.

White told KOB she didn't want anything to do with this story, and even less to do with the Candy Lady. She said she doesn't like the way Ball does business, and says she's just trying to expand her own business in Old Town and beautify an important street corner.

"Obviously she's moving there because I made that corner famous," said Ball.

Still, the Candy Lady herself says 'no hard feelings.'

"I'm not affected by what other people do," she said.

Ball said she'll reopen at her new shop on San Felipe just a block over next week.

Eileen White tells me this building was left in bad shape when the Candy Lady moved out, and it will take some time before the Old Town Candy and Sweet Shop can open.