Mother: Stolen horses special to late son

Posted at: 03/09/2014 10:36 PM
Updated at: 03/09/2014 11:01 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

When her son was killed in a car crash, a Bosque Farms woman had one lasting connection to him -- his two horses.

But one day in January, the horses her son loved were taken from her, too.

"He always liked animals, and that was a part of him we wanted to keep," Dolores Trujillo said.

There is not much on Trujillo's little farm that does not remind her of her son, Yuri.

"We still have his car, also," she said, pointing to a silver Mazda. "That's been sitting there."

Last spring Yuri was killed in a car accident. But his mom's memory of him has never strayed far from this yard.

"He didn't leave behind any children or anything, but we had the horses, you know?" Trujillo said.

Really, all the animals on Trujillo's farm belonged to Yuri.

But his two favorite horses were truly his spirit animals.

The leopard Apaloosa, and a Morgan mare are not exactly champions.

They were both rescues; both have a few lasting injuries many folks did not want to deal with, but they were special to Yuri.

"They're part of our family," Trujillo said, and that is why what happened at the end of January broke her heart.

"Somebody stole them," she said.

Trujillo took those horses to nearby Isleta Reservation land often so they could run freely and graze. Then one day in January, someone took them.

"We just are trying to appeal to the compassion of the person or people that have them," she said.

After a long month and a half of working with pueblo police, plastering her town with posters, and even offering a $1,000 reward.

So Trujillo turned to KOB, and to KOB viewers for help.

"We were hoping somebody would say something," she said. "Everyone says it's like looking for a needle in a haystack."

She is hopeful with more people sifting through that haystack, her son's horses will come home.

"It'll be like they never left, you know?" she said.

Trujillo hopes maybe you can recognize her horses -- they are pretty distinct -- especially the Leopard Apaloosa -- looks a little like a Dalmatian.