Farmington residents unhappy with crematorium

Posted at: 03/13/2014 5:31 PM
By: Devin Neeley, KOB Eyewitness News 4

People living in the neighborhood next to Memory Gardens Cemetery in Farmington say they like it here, except for one thing.

“The smokestack, we see smoke coming out of that,” said one neighbor who did not wish to be identified.

She is talking about a crematorium just across the street from her house. It started operating in December. She says, since then, several people are having problems.

“The neighbors have issues, with asthma, I have allergies...”

Andy Fine is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel, and works just across the cemetery from the crematorium. He describes his symptoms as, “A burning in our eyes, in our throat, a very unique sensation.”

Neighbors say promises made by the crematorium’s owner have been broken.

“I think he just maneuvered it, he is really a schmoozer, and he just snuck it in before we knew what was happening.”

The state environment department has investigated the crematorium. They say it is meeting state standards when it comes to emissions.

But people in the neighborhood still took their concerns to the Farmington city council.

“I’d like them to see that this guy gets this thing outta here and moves it back to where it was originally.”