Santa Fe County officials recommend to deny La Bajada mining application

Posted at: 03/20/2014 10:31 PM
Updated at: 03/21/2014 4:39 PM
By: Jorge Torres, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The issue of whether an Albuquerque-based mining company will be allowed to drill on La Bajada was decided Thursday.

The company, Rockology Incorporated, wanted to mine 50 acres of the mesa near Santa Fe. Rockology would mine for materials used in construction and landscaping.

The group that's opposed to it, "Save La Bajada" came out in full force to urge Santa Fe County officials to reject the application.

Rockology stated that Santa Fe County really doesn't have many sources of construction grade aggregates and rely heavily on some of the operations that are in the Placitas and Algodones area.

Save La Bajada said it's the wrong place for it and that there are better places in the county to put something like that.

After hours of discussion from both sides, the decision came in around 8 PM. The County Development Review Committee voted 5-2 against the mining application.

UPDATE: Unless Rockology decide to withdraw, the application will now proceed to the Board of County Commissioners, who will make the final decision on whether to approve or deny the application.