Girl uses birthday wish to help animals

Posted at: 03/21/2014 10:00 PM
By: Devin Neeley, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Jordan Lansing just turned eight-years-old and already has big career plans.

“A vet,” she said, “I want to be a vet.”

Her love for animals already shows at this young age.

“I have two cats and one dog and a few fish.”

For her birthday this year, she decided that she didn't want presents, she wanted pet food.

“So we could help the animal shelter,” Lansing explains.

This second grader skipped the presents at her party, and instead gave a car load of food, as a gift, to the Cortez animal shelter.

The shelter supervisor says, it was a welcome gift, too.

“We do not have the budget to buy the food  for the animals, so we go off donations for food,” Said Jennifer Crouse, supervisor of the Cortez Animal Shelter. Crouse is also quick to explain that no animal at the shelter ever goes hungry.

But this donation was a huge help.

“It's very special when we get something like that,” said Crouse.

For Jordan's mom, she says others are taking notice of her daughters big heart.

Amber Lansing said, “they think it’s a wonderful idea. I have had other parents come to me and say that their kid wants to do the same thing.”

And what could possible follow a selfless act like this?

Jordan said,  “I want to do it  again, most like every year till I become a vet. That's what we want to do.”