Firefighters sing Disney song to girl stuck in elevator

Posted at: 03/25/2014 1:37 PM
By: Tim Caputo, WHDH

Photo: WHDH

(WHDH) -- Firefighters in Reading, Mass., went above and beyond when called upon to rescue a family of three stuck in elevator.

4-year-old Kaelyn Kerr was stuck in the elevator with her mother and brother after a visit to the salon.

"As we approached the second floor the elevator stopped, we pressed every button known to man, nothing happened, we tried to push through the door and it was stopped," Kaelyn's mother Kristin Kerr said.

Firefighters lowered a ladder in, but Kaelyn was too scared to climb up, that's when one firefighter asked what her favorite movie was and she said "Frozen", the popular Disney movie.

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