Woman finds bolt in burger at local Applebee's

Posted at: 04/06/2014 10:21 PM
Updated at: 04/06/2014 10:22 PM
By: Danielle Todesco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Imagine getting ready to sink your teeth into a juicy burger and then chomping down on a metal bolt.

That is what a woman says happened to her Sunday at an Albuquerque Applebee’s.

A last-minute lunch with family at the Applebee’s on Lomas was ruined on Saturday.

Diana Almarez says her sister’s slider had a surprise inside.

“She bit into it and got a funny look on her face and we said what's wrong?” Almarez said.  “As she kind of pulled the slider out of her mouth a little bit, there was this bolt.”

The bolt was embedded in the meat.

Almarez says they immediately called over the waiter, who told them they did not have a manager at the moment.

However, the family was told that the meal would be comped.

But what really bothered Almarez was just minutes after their ordeal, they saw a family right next to them order a plate of sliders.

She was concerned the same source of meat would have other pieces to that bolt inside.

“I think they should have stopped selling the slider meat right then and there until they figure out where it came from, find out who processed the hamburger,” Almarez said.

A spokesman for Applebee’s says they are grateful that the customer is safe.

They say they are reviewing the matter to determine the origin of the object and to insure that the food handling protocol was followed.