Hundreds voice their opinions to city council about APD

Posted at: 04/07/2014 10:25 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The many faces of Albuquerque were in the city council chambers Monday night, speaking both against and in support of APD.

It was a chance to be heard. To speak out. Out of anger, out of frustration, and for many, out of helplessness.

Monday night was about the idea that starting a conversation is the first step.

"I fear that I might be attacked when I hear sirens," Tylina Hardy told the council. Hardy came to speak out against police brutality. She's joined protests and demonstrations, but told KOB eyewitness News 4 the council meeting was a chance to face city leaders and ask for help. "I want citizen-elected and populated oversight commissions with the power to investigate, indict and overrule," she told council members.

Well over a hundred people stood up to use their voices during the meeting, which lasted five hours and five minutes. Others spoke their peace without words. Some had recommendations; asking for everything from asking for the firing of Albuquerque mayor Richard Berry to a full DOJ takeover. Ideas that rustled cheers from the 240 people in the room. But, not every idea was popular.

"Two men/women patrols, like in the military you have a battle buddy. More training, evaluating mental health. Am I booing you guys who are protesting? Am I?" one speaker said.

Speakers in support of APD were in the minority, but their voices rose just as high.

It was a room divided, but in a strange way united at once, with a desire to be heard.