Career path

Posted at: 04/11/2014 11:51 PM
By: Lee Faria

Alex Kirk has decided to enter the NBA draft. On the surface, I think it's a decision only he can make, but I would have stayed for one more year. I believe he can improve his stock with another solid year, not necessarily a "Cam" year, but a good year where you get more offensive touches and more chances to impress the NBA scouts. I heard the remark that he is 22-years old; when you're 7-feet tall, the age thing isn't a big deal. When you're Tony Snell and 6'7" wing players are a dime a dozen, the age issue comes into play. Maybe Alex was just ready to be done with school, maybe he thinks the Lobos will struggle next season and didn't want to be part of a rebuilding year. I keep coming back to Drew Gordon; he was a rebounding machine and didn't get drafted. He was athletic and didn't get drafted. This is a gamble for Alex and I hope for his sake it pays off.