Air Force says it's committed to plume treatment

Posted at: 04/17/2014 8:14 AM
By: The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - The Air Force say its committed to treating an underground plume of toxic chemicals, backing away from a possible option of diluting contaminated water before it is delivered to customers of Albuquerque's water system.
The Albuquerque Journal says consideration of the option of diluting contaminated had received a stiff-arm response from local water officials and others who said it would be unacceptable to serve water with any contamination level.
Air Force spokesman Chad Starr says the service is committed to aggressive treatment of the plume from a fuel spill at Kirtland Air Force Base and extremely confident that its migration can be halted or shrunk.
The suggestion of diluting well water as an option had stalled preparation of a contingency plan by the Air Force and the water utility.

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