Farmington family finds pet dog decapitated

Posted at: 05/07/2014 6:52 PM
By: Devin Neeley, KOB Eyewitness News 4

According to Albert Martin, the worst part is,"they did it to a puppy... a harmless puppy."

He is still in shock.

"(I) can’t even fathom what that kind of rage or anger that would have to cut a puppies head off."

Martin's seven-month-old Great Pyrenees-Saint Bernard mix named "Boo" went missing a few weeks ago.

"We assumed someone stole him 'cause he was a loveable dog and everything like that. Very nice," Martin said.

But Saturday, Boo's body turned up.

"My wife and a couple of our friends were gathering some goats that had gotten in the woods on our neighbors property and that’s when they came across his body with his head decapitated," Martin said.

Martin believes he knows who killed his dog.

"We can’t prove who it was, so there is someone out there that is kind of being a lunatic."

San Juan County Sheriff's Office deputies don't have much to go on and haven’t found anything that could lead to arrests, but they say whoever did this could be facing felony charges.

Martin says that it may be too early to find another dog.

"You know, we have our other dogs and trying to replace him right away, I don’t know," Martin said.

But for now he and his neighbors will be extra cautious with their animals while the sheriff's deputies continue to look for leads.

If Martin ever sees the person or people responsible for the death of his dog, he has two questions.

"I would ask them what would possess them to cut the head off.  And if they would like that done to their animals."