First batch of election ads hits airwaves

Posted at: 05/08/2014 5:39 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Editor's note: On May 8, KOB incorrectly reported that Gov. Susana Martinez's campaign had not received campaign contributions from the Koch brothers. This story has been updated to correct that error.

The primary election is less than a month away, and the TV airwaves in New Mexico are loaded with political ads. But are those ads loaded with fact – or fiction?

The first batch of ads is from the race for governor and they are pretty much true – if you allow for the usual political excesses and exaggerations, which we do – as long as they’re reasonable.

Democrat Alan Webber is out with his first ad, basically suggesting that Gov. Susana Martinez takes orders from the Koch brothers, billionaire Republican fundraisers. Koch Industries did donate nearly $4,700 dollars to the Martinez campaign for the upcoming election.

"I'll invest in early childhood education, end tax breaks to out-of-state corporations, and up the minimum wage," Webber promises on camera.

"When I took office we had the largest deficit in history," Susana Martinez claims in the second TV ad. Well, it was a projected deficit. The ad recalls how Martinez sold the state’s fancy jet and now spends the maintenance costs on free books for school kids. In fact, those numbers do match – close enough for politics.

“Lawrence Rael sees a very different New Mexico,” is the way the third ad in this collection starts. Democrat Rael launched this one a few days ago. It’s a vision of the future thing. He’s in favor of better schools and jobs and prosperity. There's nothing negative here and no claims to check out.

There are five people running for the Democratic nomination for governor and the chance to run against Martinez in the general election. So where are their ads? We do expect Gary King to buy some TV time, but money may be an issue for Howie Morales and Linda Lopez, so we’ll have to wait and see what hits the airwaves. Election Day is June 3.