Clovis man caught stockpiling trout in freezer

Posted at: 05/15/2014 5:23 PM
Updated at: 05/15/2014 5:24 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Game and Fish officers say Bounchanh Bounsombath has been catching fish in Clovis and hoarding them inside his home.

This week, over 1,600 rainbow trout were found in six different freezers, all caught at local lakes.

According to court records, officers caught Bounsombath stuffing fish inside his pockets at Green Acres Lake.

They also found him hiding trout inside his van.

He told officers he was catching the fish to feed his family.

By law, you can’t have more than ten trout in your possession.

Officers say Bounsombath had over 1,600.

That is over 160 times the legal limit.

Fishermen aren’t happy.

“No, I feel bad about it. People shouldn't be doing that," said Bidal Padilla.

Bounsombath is charged with 14 counts of unlawful hunting or fishing.

New Mexico Game and Fish says each fish costs $2.00. That means he was hoarding $3,200 worth of trout.

This is not Bounsombath's first offense. Officers say they caught him illegally fishing in Clovis last year.