Autopsy report released on woman killed in APD shooting

Posted at: 05/16/2014 11:55 AM
Updated at: 05/16/2014 6:15 PM
By: Elizabeth Reed,

The Office of the Medical Investigator on Friday released an autopsy report on the 19-year-old woman killed in an Albuquerque police shooting.

According to the report, Mary Hawkes died from three gunshot wounds to the head, neck and chest. All three bullets were fired left to right and downward.

One bullet entered her left ear and exited from the right side of her neck. The bullet then reentered the right side of her neck near her shoulder and stopped at the armpit.

The second bullet went through her left upper arm and into the left side of her chest. It was recovered from the left side of her back. The third bullet went through the top of her right shoulder and exited through her right arm.

The OMI identifies the manner of death as homicide.

Toxicology testing also revealed a high concentration of methamphetamine in Hawkes' system, as well as Amphetamine, 7-Amino Clonazepam, opiates and cannabinoids.

APD officer Jeremy Dear shot Hawkes during a foot pursuit on April 21. Police said Hawkes was a suspect in a car theft and took off running when an officer confronted her.

Police said Hawkes pointed a handgun at Dear before he shot her.