Burglary suspects leave behind bloody mess in Santa Fe furniture store

Posted at: 05/28/2014 7:01 PM
By: Kai Porter, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A pair of suspected burglars left a bloody mess at Santa Fe home furnishings store and caused nearly $30,000 in damage.

It happened early in the morning on Memorial Day at La Puerta Originals off Highway 14.

The store’s owner said the burglar broke by throwing a rock through the front glass door.

“She bashed that in, cut her arm and then we see the blood trail that goes throughout the building,” said owner Melissa Coleman.

She said the injured burglar left blood splattered all over doors, in hallways and even on cabinets in her office.

"There was so much blood and so much damage and destruction it looked like a crime scene,” she said.

Coleman had to call in a hazmat team to clean it up. It’s not cheap and the process causes even more damage.

"For health reasons we've had to cut out every part of the wall that had blood damage to it,” she said. “So not only did she burst through the doors and break out windows but having her blood on the walls has caused us to cut everything out.”

Deputies arrested Hope Perea and Patrick Ortiz for the burglary.

Investigators said they found a check from the furniture store at Perea's house while investigating a separate vandalism report. That’s how they connected the two to the burglary.

Coleman said the burglars got away with just $23 and a broken laptop.

But she's left with a mess that'll take weeks, if not months, to clean up.

“The money, for $23, causing almost $30,000 in damage, that takes a lot out of a small business like ours,” she said.

According to court documents, the couple admitted to the burglary and said they needed money to buy drugs.