Cracking down on concussions

Posted at: 05/30/2014 10:58 AM
By: Erika Edwards, NBC News

(NBC News) -- A collection of renowned brain injury experts, coaches, parents and athletes at every level of sport convened in Washington Thursday for the first ever White House Summit On Concussions.

President Obama revealed he may have suffered a few un-diagnosed concussions as as young football player, while acknowledging this isn't just about football.

"Every season you've got boys and girls who are getting concussions in lacrosse and soccer, and wrestling and ice hockey," Mr. Obama noted.

Pediatric neuro-psychologist Dr. Gerard Gioia says it appears kids' brains can heal completely after a concussion, but there is little data on the effect of repeated blows to the head and why some do not recover as well as others.

"What we don't know is for some individuals, there is though a more lasting effect of these injuries and that's where our research really needs to go," he says.

The administration also announced several multi-million dollar public and private commitments for research and to promote safety among players.

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