Volunteers clean historic cemetery

Posted at: 05/31/2014 6:29 PM
Updated at: 05/31/2014 8:26 PM
By: Jen Samp, KOB Eyewitness News 4

It’s a final resting place where many come to find peace. But for months the area of the historic Fairview cemetery off Yale near Avenida Cesar Chavez looked anything but peaceful.

"We cleaned beer bottles," said Susan Schwartz, she is the historian who organized the clean-up event.

Schwartz says historic Fairview cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city with over 12,000 burial sites.

She says some of those sites belong to dignitaries and founders of Albuquerque.

“I came here and I was very disheartened that it was in such disrepair,” said Christine Taute. She volunteers to clean the area up once a month, but the work is overwhelming.

After a KOB 4 story about the Fairview Memorial Park next door, people quickly volunteered to help clean up the entire area.

“They saw on our Facebook page, event page and on the news,” Taute said, “So we are really pleased with how many people are here.”

The property owners also brought in a landscaping crew earlier this week.

Taute says the first part of keeping history is knowing how to preserve it.

The volunteers would like everyone to stop by to see then clean cemetery.

They’ve scheduled a public tour at 11AM Sunday.