5 Democratic candidates vie for gubernatorial nomination

Posted at: 06/03/2014 6:27 PM
By: KOB.com Web Staff

Which Democratic candidate will win the right to run against incumbent Gov. Susana Martinez in November?

Gary King, Alan Webber, Lawrence Rael, Howie Morales and Linda Lopez are all expected to stay at the DoubleTree Inn in downtown Albuquerque as they await the election results.

It has been a race where the candidates have tried winning the primary based on their ideas or records. There have not been any debates or commercials where the Democratic gubernatorial candidates have ripped each other or torn each other down.

There is absolutely no projected winner in this race at this point.

Gary King has led some recent polling. He has name ID because his father, Bruce, was a New Mexico governor. King has also been New Mexico's attorney general for the last several years. King also has several TV and radio ads on the airwaves.

Lawrence Rael and Alan Webber have also both raised enough money to get statewide television ads on the air for the last several weeks.

State Sens. Linda Lopez and Howie Morales have not been as successful in fundraising.

"They've been talking about the issues, talking about what they're going to bring to New Mexico, and I can assure you that any one of these individuals would be a heck of a lot better than the current governor we have," said Sam Bregman, chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.