What to do if you need to file a claim for hail damage

Posted at: 06/09/2014 6:40 PM
By: Jen Samp, KOB Eyewitness News 4

It wasn't just tornadoes that did damage this past weekend. Parts of the states got slammed with hail.

Here are some things to look out for if you need to file an insurance claim for damages.

"The east part of New Mexico usually gets the burden," said Allstate insurance agent Eladio Muniz, who says he has seen his fair share of hail damage in New Mexico. "There was a storm this past weekend so we're getting calls from there."

He has also seen plenty of problems during the repair process when people don't know what to look for.

"There are a lot of pop-up contractors that come through. Be sure they are licensed and bonded," he stressed, "That is the most critical point you need to know."     

If you are dealing with damage, make sure your contractor has credentials and make sure you verify the contractor or body shop will work with your insurance.

Otherwise you could end up paying out of pocket.

Also, the sooner you call your insurance agency the better.        

"Call your agent immediately if you have damage," he said, "Take photos immediately whether it’s your car or your home and have reference on what took place."

He also advises to snap a photo of your car and your house while it’s in good condition, that way they have before and after photos on file.