Banner boasts milestone for Paseo Del Norte and I-25 project

Posted at: 06/15/2014 8:11 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A message of relief greets drivers moving through the congested Paseo Del Norte and I-25 construction. The sign says, "Paseo Del Norte 50% Complete."

The big banner went up over the past couple days and boasts a big milestone in the big project.

Back in September, Mayor Richard Berry and Governor Susana Martinez told KOB Eyewitness News 4 they were confident the project would be done before this year's Balloon Fiesta. The official completion date on the project's website is December 2014. So halfway done in June doesn't add up.

If you think of it in terms of time, we've been under construction for 9 months. That means 9 more months to go. Putting us into April, four months past the projected completion date of December.

However, the Department of Transportation says they don't mean time, they mean construction phases.

According to the folks in charge, the banner is perhaps even low-balling their progress. NMDOT says they might even be ready before Balloon Fiesta after all.