Fake penis drug test bust

Posted at: 06/24/2014 3:33 PM
By: Kim Tobin, KOB Eyewitness News 4

It seems an Albuquerque man on probation knew he didn't have a chance at passing his drug test. Authorities say he tried to be creative when it came time to provide a urine sample, and used a fake penis, also known as a "Whizzinator."

"It just didn't look real," said probation and parole officer Michael Talbert. "It didn't look real at all."

With many years in law enforcement, but only three weeks on the job in his new position, Talbert says he had very good training.

"He was very fidgety and he was very uncomfortable," said Talbert. "So it kind of forced me to look at him more intently and try to see what was going on."

As part of the normal procedure, Talbert told drug offender, Donnie Pearson, to lower his pants and urinate in a cup.

"He was trying to hide and he actually bladed his body toward me," said Talbert. "And he did not follow all of my instructions."

And Talbert knew that something just didn't look right.

"It was like a prosthetic penis," Talbert said. "A prosthetic penis strapped to like a jock strap."

Also known as a 'Whizzinator.'

It even has a bladder installed into the device, where a person could use someone else's urine.

"I just said, 'The test is over,'" Talbert said. "And I took him back to the office and placed him under arrest."

If someone on parole or probation fails a drug test, Talbert says they usually get something like extra community service.

But the 'Whizzinator' gave Pearson a brand new fourth degree felony charge.

"We would be more willing to work with you if you were just honest, you know, so now he just gained an additional charge," Talbert said.

The office tells KOB they usually see offenders trying to dodge or compromise their drug tests once a week on average. But this kind of case is still extreme.