Apartment tenants living with human waste in their homes

Posted at: 07/06/2014 10:39 PM
By: Chris Ramierez, KOB Eyewitness News 4

It's one of the worst problems a renter can have: Raw sewage coming out of every toilet, sink, and drain. It's the reality for apartment tenants in a northeast Albuquerque complex.

KOB's video captures the images, but it does nothing to capture the smell of these apartments.

"We're sloshing in feces in our house", said a tenant.

The tenants at the Arioso Apartments on Montgomery NE have been living with human waste in their home for two weeks.

"It's disgusting. You walk through the hallways and it’s like walking through a mosh. It's rank. Its smells like you're walking through a bog. It's really gross," one tenant said.

The waste the residents intend to flush down comes back up. Fecal and urine-laden water is coming back up through showers, tubs and sinks--seeping into carpets and wood floors.

"We pay our rent, we live here. We should be opted to have our stuff fixed, that way we are not living in slum," a tenant said.

KOB's report on the issue at 5 p.m. immediately caught the attention of one of the city's lead inspectors.

Andy Leyba went to the complex this evening to see and smell the filth for himself.

"You can see where the wall has been breached," Leyba said.

By the time inspector Leyba arrived, apartment maintenance crews had sucked the water out.

Now instead of living in wet feces, the renters are in dry fecal matter. Nothing was disinfected.

"Without the environment department here, I can't tell how bad the carpet is contaminated, the sheetrock, even the carpentry," Leyba said.

It's another night for these residents living in their own squalor.

The city inspector tried getting in touch with that apartment manager, as did we.

Managers were unavailable today. However, that inspector plans on meeting with management tomorrow morning.

This isn't the first time we've reported trouble this summer at the Arioso Apartments.