Rain washes out main road to one NM village

Posted at: 07/08/2014 9:53 PM
By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Hundreds of people are pretty much stuck in the small village of Sile north of Santo Domingo Pueblo. Tuesday afternoon, a storm washed out the main road to Sile.

This rain turned into all this water and turned into a crushing wall of mud and debris.

Just like that, the main road into Sile, population 300 is a mess. Pipes that were meant to guide floods underneath have been crushed by rushing water. They were no match for the flood waters today and we asked the roads designer what they’re going to do now. He said after two washouts they will start over and consider a totally new design.

 “Right now it's kind of hard cause my wife is pregnant. She's due in 2 to three weeks,” said one Sile resident, Pete Tenorio.”

Tenorio told us about the disaster keeping him from getting back home. When KOB arrived he was back again, trying to get across.

“This is the second time. They barely finished it to where we can cross over and sure enough it just went through again and now the pipes are down the ways and they're all crumpled up in the middle,” Tenorio said.

Karen Lovato says this is round two and it’s not even that bad this time. There’s a rocky back way she can still use. Last time, Sile was an island. This time it might as well be.

Alternate routes take an hour.