Scammer targeting NMSU alumni in Albuquerque

Posted at: 07/11/2014 9:19 PM
By: Kristen Garcia,

New Mexico State University's police chief has a warning for people in Albuquerque. In an email to alumni, Chief Stephen Lopez says someone is going door-to-door in north Albuquerque claiming to work for NMSU.

The person is trying to gather personal information, including college history, job title, and employer information. The person also indicated that a “trip to Hawaii” would be provided to winners.

“This attempt at gathering personal information is completely fraudulent and not part of anything sanctioned by NMSU.  For our alumni, we already know where you went to college, so there would be no need for this information to be gathered door-to-door,” Lopez said.

If you encounter individuals attempting to obtain your personal information, you are asked to contact your local police department.