Albuquerque cat sneaks into neighbors moving truck, moves cross country

Posted at: 07/16/2014 9:44 PM
By: Tessa Mentus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Pets can get a little adventurous. Dog try to catch squirrels or chase cars down the street, but an Albuquerque cat makes those situations look like amateur work.

 "Lucky Dog" might just be the name of the company trying to sell this house but if a dog moves in consider him lucky, because for right now, he's got one less cat as a next door neighbor.

You see, Toby Kitterman's cat Mister Darcy is a long way from his Albuquerque home.

“Our neighbor was in the process of moving,” said Mister Darcy’s owner, Toby. “I went to work, and when I came home that evening I had noticed Darcy's food had not been eaten.” That's because the little guy was on an 11 hour one way trip to California.

The movers had actually heard him meowing in the truck. When they opened it up Mr. Darcy was sitting in there,” he said. But Toby and his daughter, Autumn, wouldn't call Mister Darcy’s trip a vacation.

“I'm pretty sure he did not have a pleasant ride,” Autumn said.

And they, along with Mister Darcy’s brother, midnight haven't had a pleasant time without him.

“It kind of feels a little empty not hearing, not just seeing him right there coming up to you,” she said.

Now comes the hard part, getting him back home. So the adventure of Mister Darcy and a potential lucky dog's dream living situation comes to an end.

The moving company is taking care of Mister Darcy right now. Toby is trying to get his cat on a plane or a bus to come home, but he's willing to make the drive to California if necessary.