Kids learn where their food comes from at Farm Camp

Posted at: 07/17/2014 5:05 PM
By: Devin Neeley, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Ask children where their food comes from and you might get some interesting answers.

“Ummmm, factories, ventured a guess by 8-year-old Isabelle Arrango.

Jaidon Davis said, “ummm, trees.”

11-year-old Will Ballew was pretty sure he knew, but still, “I didn't know where potatoes came from.”

It's so easy to get fruits and veggies from the store--Sometimes it's hard for kids to understand where food really comes from.

“Farms, crops, seeds,” explained Davis.

But after a week at farm camp, these kids have a whole new appreciation for all the work that goes into their meal.

Jessica Southern told us, “My favorite part was seeing where all the fruit and vegetables came from.”

Southerland Farms, near Aztec, hosts the week long farm camp for age’s five to 11.

The kids learn about planting, watering and harvesting vegetables.

“Produce farming is hard work,” farm owner D’Rese Sutherland told us.

And they hope that this week's camp does more than just teach. 

“Maybe getting them interested and maybe becoming farmers one day,” said Sutherland. She further explained that the majority of farmers in the US are in their mid-fifties and it is time for some new farmers.  She hopes that this farm camp will lead some kids to a life in agriculture. Which may have worked for some.

“First of all I really like animals and the animals they have here have really inspired me to become a farmer.” Jessica Southern said.

And for others Like Jaidon Davis, “I learned how to distract chickens while someone looks for eggs in the chicken pen.

Well... It's a start.