State to remove barriers after homeowner’s property floods

Posted at: 07/18/2014 5:20 PM
By: Kai Porter, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The state is making changes, a day after we aired a report about a big mess in Pojoaque. Homeowner Sari Jobe said concrete barriers installed by the state caused major flood damage on her property last Tuesday.

The state installed four concrete barriers about 5 years ago for traffic control up the street from Jobe’s home. Jobe said the barriers caused flood water to rush into her yard.

“The water came rushing down Bouquet Street and it used to flow right over and go into the river and everyone was happy,” said Jobe. “It hit the barriers, turned and just flooded everything here.”

The New Mexico Department of Transportation sent an engineer out to take a look at the situation Friday morning, a day after our report first aired. The state said it will be removing the concrete barriers and replacing them with poles and cables.

“They should have done that in the first place,” said Jobe. “Thank you very much for airing the story because that needed to be taken care of.”

But the damage is already done and Jobe is left to clean up the mess on her own.

“The county said it's not their problem,” she said. “Then I heard from the state which I was happy to and the guy goes, 'You just go online and file a claim and we'll see once we review it whether we're going to reimburse you.' So I'm like, ‘I have to come up front with over $100,000 for two cars, cleanup of this yard, septic, well, and everything?’ And they said yes.”

Now, she plans to hire a lawyer and she's hoping more rain holds off until the barriers are replaced.

“It was too little too late,” said Jobe.

The state said the barriers could be removed as soon as next week.