Man arrested eight years after brutally attacking woman

Posted at: 07/22/2014 4:05 PM
Updated at: 07/22/2014 6:07 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A man who was once a suspect in a Moriarty murder case is now charged with kidnapping in a cold case in Albuquerque from 2006. A woman named Annette Herrera says Mark Angelo Chavez was calling himself “Elvis” back in ’06, when he locked her in his house, drugged her, and beat her with a chain and a two-by-four.

Chavez was in court Tuesday afternoon, facing the new charges that stem from DNA samples taken from beneath Herrera’s fingernails back in ’06. She told detectives she had met “Elvis” a couple weeks earlier, and went into his house at 3552 Ute NW, at his invitation, to smoke a cigarette with him. She said “Elvis” tied an iron security door shut with a rope, forced her into a room with a black tarp on the floor, and beat her mercilessly with the chain and the two-by-four. She said “Elvis” kept repeating “die bitch” while he beat her. She said “Elvis” slammed her head into a window frame before she managed to escape. Police said she was suffering from “severe head trauma” when they first interviewed her in ’06. They said they were unable to find her after scraping for the DNA evidence, but she surfaced in Albuquerque again last spring and they reopened the case.

In court Tuesday afternoon, prosecutors said Chavez has had 23 misdemeanor arrests and 13 convictions, along with 16 felony arrests and 6 felony convictions. Judge Linda Rogers set his bond at $150,000, cash or surety.

“The allegations in the complaint are very disturbing with regard to alleged preparation and a desire to perhaps do this more than once,” Rogers said.

Police said Herrera actually had DNA from two people under her nails, indicating that “Elvis” may have had company. Back in ’06 Herrera complained that she could not fully remember everything that happened to her, but she told detectives that “Elvis” did not rape her.

Chavez was suspected of the mysterious murder of Tammie Cessna in a Moriarty motel room last winter, but the charges were later dismissed. Policed found her body in her minivan – four days after they impounded the vehicle from the motel parking lot. They said she was beaten and strangled.