School of Rock coming to downtown Albuquerque

Posted at: 07/30/2014 1:21 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Photo: School of Rock

Let's see – how about if Junior majors in Led Zeppelin and minors in ACDC?

"School of Rock" was a hit movie about ten years ago, and now a music-loving Albuquerque couple is hoping their real-life School of Rock will be a hit with Albuquerque kids and parents.

School of Rock is a brand new school in the 94-year-old Freed & Co. building on Central just east of 4th St. – next door to the Kimo Theater. Renovation is underway for practice and instruction rooms, rehearsal space, and of course there's a stage that's ready to rock!

School of Rock has franchises nationwide and in five other countries and Robert Montoya is about to bring one home to Albuquerque.

"You don't just sit down with a teacher and take a lesson for 45 minutes and then leave," Montoya said. "You are going to work with that teacher and after that you're going to be in a band situation with other kids at your skill and age level."

"We've got people who look like rock stars who can say – you can do this with your life," said Montoya's wife and business partner Dawn Malone. "You can make this choice, you can be successful, and you can be a great person. It's not just about music – it's about what they do with the rest of their life."

"I've always been a frustrated musician," Montoya laughed. "I always wanted to play and that's what I really like about School of Rock. You're in a band situation right away."

Heads up: School of Rock is a for-profit private school with schedules to fit kids after regular school hours. There is tuition, but it adds up to about the going rate for the same amount of regular private lessons. Target date for the grand opening is Sept. 27.

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