Investigators: Son admitted to killing dad, dumping body

Posted at: 07/31/2014 12:07 PM
Updated at: 07/31/2014 1:12 PM
By: Elizabeth Reed,

Jaret Mountjoy, 24.
Jaret Mountjoy, 24.

Torrance County investigators say a 24-year-old man admitted to killing his father after a deputy caught him dumping the body in Edgewood last Friday.

According to court documents, Jaret Mountjoy told authorities he shot his dad, Mark Mountjoy, twice during an argument outside their Moriarty home on July 23. He then reportedly hid the body under a garbage bag for two days.

Last Friday, the Torrance County Sheriff's Office said Mountjoy attempted to bury his father's body near the intersection of Martinez and Ballenger Ranch. A deputy in the area went to check on an SUV he noticed parked in a wooded area and found the partially buried body. He said he also saw a man running away from the crime scene.

Authorities found the address associated with the vehicle and spoke with Mountjoy's mother, Jodi Stepp. She told them she hadn't seen her husband or son for days, but said it wasn't out of the ordinary.

Mountjoy later showed up at the Torrance County Sheriff's Office. He said that he heard deputies wanted to speak to him and he wanted to cooperate.

Stepp also told investigators she had not been truthful with them during her earlier conversations.

During his interviews, investigators noted that Mountjoy appeared nervous and upset. On July 30, investigators said Mountjoy finally admitted to firing a 9mm pistol after his father grabbed him by the neck during an argument.

Mountjoy is being held on an open count of murder and tampering with evidence in the Estancia jail. In court on Thursday, a judge set his bond at $100,000 cash only.