Albuquerque Convention Center hosts biggest cake show on the continent

Posted at: 07/31/2014 6:10 PM
Updated at: 07/31/2014 6:47 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

There is no doubt about it: right now Albuquerque takes the cake.

The biggest cake show on the continent is under way at the Albuquerque Convention Center. It’s the International Cake Exploration Societe’s annual convention and show.

Kelly Lance brought her precarious concoction all the way from Oregon to show off at the world series of cake. It’s a dragon flying through the air, hauling a ship.

“He’s got a boatload of pirates in his cargo hold and he’s portaging them across the country,” said Lance. “They’re going from one ocean to the next ocean so they can go pillage some more.”

They call it sugar art, and Kelly Lance is a sugar artist all the way. She says with sugar, the possibilities are limitless.

“You don’t have to hang it on the wall,” Lance said. “You don’t have to dust it. You make it, you take it to somebody or you sell it or give it to somebody and they take it away and eat it and you get to start again. Everything is a new piece!”

If you shell out $10 to attend the show, you’ll find plenty to look at, but you better not touch – and you sure better not eat! The dirty little secret is that the cakes are made of Styrofoam. The sugar is real and the artwork is real, but the structure of the cakes is Styrofoam. Under the rules you have to be able to re-create the work with real cake. One thing is for sure – if you’ve got the talent to create this kind of intricate, gaudy stuff straight from the blingosphere, making a cake is a piece of cake!