Rio Rancho man cleans wallet, finds lottery ticket for $85,000

Posted at: 08/07/2014 9:10 AM
By: Web Staff

RIO RANCHO, N.M. -- While cleaning out his wallet Saturday, a Rio Rancho man found a New Mexico Lottery ticket worth $85,000 tucked among scraps of paper, receipts and his driver's license.

Billy Deen Jr. matched the winning numbers of 20, 23, 28, 30 and 31 on a quick-pick ticket from the June 13 drawing in the Roadrunner Cash game.

Deen said he didn't know how much the ticket was worth until his wife went to a store and asked for a report that showed all the prizes won in the June 13 drawing, including a jackpot of $85,000. She brought the report home and laid it on the couch. 

"She said, 'That's how much you won,'" Deen said.

Deen also said he has no idea how he's going to spend his five-figure windfall.

"My wife has a few ideas running through her head," he said. "But we need to slow down and let this sink in."

Deen bought his lucky ticket at Smith's located at 1000 Rio Rancho Drive SE in Rio Rancho.  Previously, the store has sold 18 large prize-winning lottery tickets paying between $1,000 and $25,000.  For selling the jackpot-winning ticket, Smith’s is eligible for a $1,000 lottery bonus.

Four other winners also came to lottery headquarters on Monday to claim their prizes:

-Carlsbad resident Andrew Jones claimed a $200,000 Scratcher prize
-Santa Fe resident Molly Osmera claimed $50,000 Scratcher prize
-Albuquerque resident Anna Herzog claimed a $30,000 Scratcher prize
-Moriarty resident Ronald Reese claimed a $3,273 jackpot from the "Red Hot jackpot Bingo" Quicksters game.