DA dismisses rape case against UNM football players, student

Posted at: 08/13/2014 9:49 AM
Updated at: 04/21/2016 4:06 PM
By: Elizabeth Reed, KOB.com

SaQwan Edwards (left), Crusoe Gongbay (center), and Ryan Ruff (right).
SaQwan Edwards (left), Crusoe Gongbay (center), and Ryan Ruff (right).

The Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office on Wednesday announced the district attorney will not pursue rape charges against two University of New Mexico football players and a Central New Mexico Community College student.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg released the following statement regarding the charges against Crusoe Gongbay, SaQwan Edwards and Ryan Ruff: "After reviewing the evidence in the alleged sexual assault case, our office has determined not to move forward with the criminal prosecution of the three defendants. We have determined that there is insufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a jury or a judge."

In April, a UNM student told police she was raped at gunpoint inside a BMW. Police later arrested and charged football players SaQwan Edwards and Crusoe Gongbay and CNM student Ryan Ruff in the case.

Two months ago, the district attorney's office temporarily dismissed the charges against all three men while they reviewed all of the evidence. The district attorney has now dismissed the case.