Rio Rancho woman, children attacked by two dogs

Posted at: 08/16/2014 5:58 PM
By: Kristen Garcia,

Rio Rancho Police shot at two dogs Saturday afternoon after a Rio Rancho woman and her two children were attacked by the dogs.

When police arrived to the scene for an unknown disturbance just after 3 p.m. they heard screaming and yelling from the backyard of a residence.

Officers jumped the wall and saw two dogs attacking a woman on the ground. Officers attempted to distract the dogs by yelling. Fearing for the woman's safety, officers shot at the dogs to stop the attack.

Police say once the attack stopped, officers noticed the woman was lying over a small boy, in an attempt to shield him from the dog attack.

The two-year-old child received substantial injuries from the dog attack and was taken to the UNMH via helicopter. The woman was transported to UNMH by ambulance for substantial injuries.

An 8-year-old child who was also present during the attack received a minor injury as well.

Police say the attack is currently under investigation. The breed and condition of the dogs is unknown at this time.

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