Thiefs ransack Rio Rancho neighborhood early Monday morning

Posted at: 08/25/2014 4:21 PM
Updated at: 08/25/2014 5:11 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Rip-off artists ransacked a Rio Rancho neighborhood early Monday morning, getting away with some sensitive information and leaving behind a "calling card" that neighbors call "disgusting".

It happened on Longwood Loop, just off Rockaway near 528.

"Our neighborhood is good," said Bernadette Pino, whose car was stolen in the mini crime wave. "We have good people living on our street."

But the people who visited Longwood Loop before dawn were not so good. They broke into cars and trucks, stealing an iPhone, art supplies and medicine. They were probably hoping the medicine was narcotics, but it was just glucose for a diabetic.  

The most valuable thing the bandits stole was Bernadette's car, a 2012 Dodge Challenger, red and shiny. She's a home care nursing assistant.

"All my stuff, all my patients' stuff is in there. Their phone numbers, their names, my stethoscope, my blood pressure cup – all my medical stuff was in there."

The bandits didn't just take stuff. They left something behind, too – a little reminder that they were there. A little pile of human dung remained on the street, right beside where Bernadette parked her car the night before.

"That's disgusting," Bernadette said.

And this is disturbing – one of the bandits dropped a black bag, and there was a gun in it.

If you know anything about the Longwood Loop crime wave, give Rio Rancho Police a call at 891-5902.