No NCAA sanctions against UNM women's soccer team for hazing

Posted at: 08/27/2014 11:00 AM
By: Elizabeth Reed,

ALBUQUERQUE -- The National Collegiate Athletic Association tells KOB Eyewitness News 4 they will not impose any sanctions against the University of New Mexico women's soccer team over a hazing incident.

"Hazing is an issue our member schools address locally according to institutional policy and state laws, which can vary from school to school and state to state," the NCAA wrote in a statement. "...Hazing incidents at member schools are not reportable to the NCAA and therefore are not tracked by the NCAA national office. Because the responsibility to address a hazing incident rests with the member school and local authorities, if we receive a complaint about hazing, the NCAA informs the school to address it according to institutional policy."

On Aug. 15, two freshmen players ended up in the hospital for excessive alcohol intoxication after they said they were pressured into drinking. All 22 non-true-freshmen players will be suspended for one game and head coach Kit Vela has been suspended for one week without pay.

Suspensions for the players will be staggered across the season so UNM can field a team.

The university said it is in the process of implementing an alcohol education program, along with an anti-hazing program the women's soccer team is already undergoing.

New Mexico is one of six states without an anti-hazing law.